The Tech Data Marketing Portal

This portal contains a variety of marketing materials and content generators designed to help you engage with your customers and drive new business.

Vendor generated content such as Product Brochures, PDFs and Web Banners are available for you to download and use. There is also the Email Template Creator which provides the tools to generate an email marketing piece designed with your company branding and information in the header and footer, and populate it with promotional content from our large catalogue of professionally designed promotional artwork.

This portal is free to use for all Tech Data account holders - all you need is an InTouch Login. If you already have one you can log in above.

If you do not have a Tech Data account, you can register for one by clicking here (this will redirect you to the website in a new browser window)

When the a new account is set up we create your login at that point. This account will be the Reseller Admin and is responsible from that point forward to create new users as required.