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Training and Certification

Confidently and knowledgeably drive your business forward with training and certifications from Tech Data for Microsoft.

Our bespoke training is delivered by consultants and Tech Data specialists who are all experts in their respective fields. Their knowledge can be used to develop your teams and create a clued-up set of people, who will all be prepared to thrive when selling Microsoft.


Strengthen your position in the marketplace by gaining certified competencies in Microsoft solutions with Tech Data’s Velocity Programme.

The Velocity Programme follows three tracks, so you can upskill staff in all areas of your business

Sales Track

Build your foundation on cloud sales basics for one day, then invest another in a masterclass.

Technical Track

Sharpen up your knowledge with a half-day, on-site ‘chalk and talk’ intro session, followed by a two-day workshop.

Delivery Track

– Engage with Practice Builders designed to reinforce knowledge and increase confidence, followed by go-to-market planning.

Tech Data Academy

Tech Data Academy

Tech Data Academy is Tech Data’s online training platform which delivers IT certification courses so that you can upskill your business, creating a deeper understanding around Microsoft product capabilities.

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Tech Data Channel Academy

Tech Data Channel Academy

Tech Data Channel Academy provides partners with a free and easily accessible online learning platform which is packed with interactive e-learning modules, sales enablement tools & bite-sized training modules.

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