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Financial Services

The right financial solution can often make or break a deal. This is why we at Tech Data have put together a number of financial services for Microsoft products designed to assist and accelerate your chance of success, increase your customer retention and improve cash flow.


Tech-as-a-Service is Tech Data’s financial subscription plan that allows your customers to bundle together hardware, software, and services from Microsoft into a single contract.

In doing so, they’ll have access to the latest Microsoft technology without the need for a large upfront investment. It optimises IT budgets and simplifies your customers’ bills.

Benefits to your customers:

  • Turns CapEx into OpEx – Tech-as-a-Service enables customers to better utilise their IT budgets by spreading investments cost over time.
  • New technology, more often – By having a fixed-length contract for their Microsoft equipment, customers know when to upgrade, and the easiest way to do so.
  • Flexibility – Microsoft hardware, software, and services can be paid for under a single contract that can be added to and adjusted at any time, simplifying financial management.

Benefits to you, the reseller partner:

  • Larger upsell opportunity – The flexibility and ease of selling all things Microsoft under one contract makes additional sales simpler than ever.
  • Immediate payment – As soon as your customers receive their Microsoft products, you’ll be paid in full.
  • Deeper relationships – By selling via fixed-length contract, you’ll maintain a longer, more frequent dialogue with your customers, aiding future business opportunities.

Tech Data Renew

Getting your customers’ hands on the latest Microsoft products and services is made effortless with Tech Data Renew, our bespoke device trade in programme. Tech Data Renew allows your customers to realise the value of their existing equipment before it becomes worthless, by enabling them to trade it in against the value of new technology. It better maintains your customer relationships while helping you uncover more profit.

How it works


Tech Data’s quotation tool provides quotes valid for 30 days, and once this is accepted by your customer, we’ll arrange collection of your customers’ Microsoft products.


Our team will inspect and validate the items, and approve the final quote to be confirmed and shared with your customers.


All that’s left is for you to accept the quote and invoice Tech Data for the value of the devices.

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