Financial Services

Together, we at Tech Data and Lenovo believe that finance should never hinder a partner’s ability to grow. Our combined financial solutions offer accelerated credit growth, alternative ways of acquiring credit and enable partners to sell products as a service to increase customer retention and improve cash flow.


Tech as a Service

Increase your profit and create opportunities by selling Lenovo products to customers who may not normally have the funding to purchase outright. Tech-as-a-Service (TaaS) is a financial subscription plan that allows you to combine hardware, software and services into a single, affordable solution to offer your customers.

Your customers will have access to the latest technology while optimising their IT budgets and simplifying their bill, moving away from large capital investments. What’s more, you’ll benefit from improved cash flow as you’ll get paid in full as soon as your customers receive their products.

Tech-as-a-Service is also a multi-vendor financial service, meaning you can wrap hardware, software and services from not just one, but as many vendors as you with into one solution at affordable prices.

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Credit Elevator

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Credit Elevator makes it incredibly easy for you to grow your sales without the need to apply for extra credit or provide additional guarantees. Existing and new partners who utilise 75% of their current credit line and pay on 30-day terms by direct debit can grow their credit line from £5k to £1 million in just 12 months.

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Why choose Lenovo Financial Services?

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100% Solution Financing

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Lenovo Financial Services

Lenovo Financial Services offer three different programmes:

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  • Easy and affordable total solution (Hardware + Software + Services)
  • Purchase, return or upgrade terms as and when needed
  • Bundle costs over time for an affordable and complete solution
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  • Low monthly payments
  • Multiple structures and payment options
  • Eliminate risks of owning obsolete technology
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  • Leverage the latest technology to advance your customers business
  • Customised solution aligned to their needs
  • Flexibility to add equipment to support growth

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