HXpedite Program

Empower SMB Customer Innovation. Accelerate Sales.

Get special pricing for your SMBs with the Lenovo™ HXpedite Program for Lenovo ThinkAgile™ HX Series.



Focus on business growth, not managing infrastructure. Lenovo ThinkAgile HX Series appliances integrate Nutanix hyperconverged software, simplifying IT management for extreme cost-savings and scalability. Powered by Nutanix and built on ultra-reliable Lenovo ThinkSystem™ servers – ready for the most-demanding applications.

Lenovo HXpedite Program for ThinkAgile HX Series.

Order up to 6 nodes at exclusive prices. No deal registration is required for validated SMBs. Find out more in the Program's T&Cs. Help SMB customers digitally transform – and accelerate your sales.

Why ThinkAgile HX Series for SMBs?


Simplify IT

Customers don’t need special IT skills. They’re ready to run almost any business application.


Save money

Super-fast deployment, consumer-grade management and no vendor lock-in resulting in reduced TCO.


Reduce risk

Pre-tested solutions offer built-in resiliency, world class support and industry-leading Lenovo reliability.

Simple. Valuable.

It’s the unique Lenovo HXpedite program.

  • Offer SMBs powerful, flexible hyperconverged solutions.
  • Increase value with convenient price points.
  • No Deal Registration needed for validated customers.

HXpedite program terms

  • Eligible SMBs have up to 1.000 employees.
  • HXpedite benefits are available on eligible Lenovo ThinkAgile HX Series appliances with any configuration (see T&Cs) for a maximum of 6 nodes in a single order.
  • Eligible solutions include a minimum of 3 nodes.
  • Solutions cannot mix Lenovo ThinkAgile HX appliances + Nutanix NX appliances, or Lenovo ThinkAgile HX appliances + Lenovo ThinkAgile HX certified nodes, in the same cluster.
  • Program valid until October 20th, 2020.
  • Find the full T&Cs here.
  • For extra rebates please ask a Sales Representative.

Let us help you sell ThinkAgile HX Series today

Enable your customers to simplify their IT, save money and reduce risk with Lenovo ThinkAgile HX Series for SMBs. Our handy campaign-in-a-box download gives you all the tools you need to sell these appliances with ease.

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