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IBM Data Centre

Flexible, scalable, resilient. Three things every data centre needs to be, and three things IBM data centre solutions deliver on, every time. Made to meet any size workload, IBM data centres deliver speed of insight, providing your customers with quicker time to value.

IBM are continually innovating in storage for AI, big data, modern data protection, and hybrid multicloud environments. They allow customers to respond to rapidly evolving IT complexities supporting cloud deployments and edge computing.

Data Centre

Of note, IBM power systems are what drive the top two fastest computers in the world: at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory respectively. Achieved with technologies available in their business products, IBM power data centre innovation like no other.



  • IBM’s SDS portfolio enables data storage, access, and management on a range of platforms and deployment models, including on-premises, hybrid, private, and public clouds.
  • Choose from robust and durable object, block and file storage services that are scalable, globally flexible and simple.
  • IBM’s Storage Backup and Recovery Solutions are paired with data protection encryption, meaning your customers are assured their data is in safe hands.


  • Ranked No.1 in every major reliability category by ITIC [1], IBM Power Systems continually deliver, and can help with lower total operating costs as a result.
  • IBM Power Systems integrate into your customers’ existing private and hybrid cloud infrastructures to enable exceptional flexibility of operations
  • IBM’s PowerAI, PowerVC, PowerSC, and IBM Cloud Private are made to make managing, deploying, securing and mobilising Power based applications simple.

It’s one thing for your customers to have data centres, it’s crucial that they have ones that not only meet their needs, but go beyond and exceed them. The power and capability of IBM data centre solutions keeps business looking forward, not standing still.

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[1] ITIC, ITIC 2017-2018 Global Server Hardware, Server OS Reliability Survey.