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Tech Data - IBM’s largest UK distributor

Tech Data and IBM have partnered together for over 30 years. This means you and your customers are able to benefit from two market-leaders with an exceptional understanding of one another. As IBM’s largest UK distributor, with over 50% of the market share, Tech Data can help realise the value of IBM technology in shaping your customers’ growth like no other.

Why Tech Data for IBM?

Why Tech Data for IBM?

Tech Data’s unparalleled partnership with IBM offers immediate access to experts in software, storage, data, cloud and infrastructure. Partners can easily and confidently expand their portfolio, and provide their customers with solutions unmatched in their power, simplicity and capability.

Why Tech Data for IBM?


IBM Solutions

IBM solutions span the entire spectrum of data analysis and security options in a modern, secure digital estate. With a focus on intelligent automation, IBM seek to add value to business by removing waste and driving the insight others can’t find.

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IBM Services

Tech Data and IBM have created a range of tools and services designed to give you the competitive edge. They’re made specifically to meet the four tenets of Tech Data: to lower your costs, increase your profits, grow your business, and increase customer satisfaction by strengthening your relationships with your customers.

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IBM Products

IBM offer intelligent products that seek to reduce the noise around how a digital estate operates, and simply lets it get on with delivering for business. Free up your customers IT departments, and reduce their costs, while increasing their satisfaction and overall growth with IBM.

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