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Technical Services​

Tech Data’s technical services are delivered by a technical community of more than 60 qualified, technical consultants, who provide pre-and post-sales technical support, to ensure your customers get exactly the solution they’re looking for – and that it works as they expect.

Pre-sales technical team

The Tech Data pre-sales technical team is made up of qualified specialists, who are in place to discover exactly which Dell Technologies solution your customers are looking for. They’re poised to ask all the right questions about your customers' requirements, their current IT infrastructure, and their all-important budget. This discovery can be conducted either on the phone or face to face, whichever suits best.

Once they’ve discovered exactly which Dell Technologies solution fits best, the team will put the whole solution together, provide a bill of materials and a full comprehensive quote, ready for you to add in your margin and sell the solution to your customer.

This process is quick and efficient, with no frills and no fuss, so you can get the job done and make a sale.

Post-sales technical team

Following a successful sale, the post-sales technical team are in place to implement and install the physical equipment into a customers' site. They’re fully trained to make sure the solution is exactly what your customers were expecting, and that it’s working properly.


The Tech Data Difference

These services make Tech Data an incredibly valuable addition to your sales process when selling Dell Technologies products and solutions. By having our teams in place, you don’t need to spend time and money recruiting and maintaining staff with the technical expertise to tailor and install solutions.

These technical services also mean you can make a sale on projects that you may not normally be technically capable of – creating new opportunities in new markets.

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