As the UK’s leading technology distributor, we’ve created a range of services designed to add significant value to your Citrix portfolio, and differentiate your offering from that of your competitors.

Licensing and Advice

Citrix offer a wide and varied range of licensing options, tailored to meet each individual need. Whether you’re looking for volume, perpetual, SaaS licences, or something more, contact our team of Citrix advisors who will be able to guide you to the perfect solution for your needs.

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To help drive the growth you want to see in your business, the Tech Data Channel Academy is home to dedicated Citrix training tools, courses, and resources that will help upskill your teams. It’s continually updated, so head over today to see what’s new.

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Renewals and Upgrades

When it comes to renewing and upgrading your customers’ services, it’s crucial to know you’re offering your customers the right solutions. It’s what will instil confidence in your business, and position you as a trusted advisor to you customers.

Our Citrix Transition and Trade Up webinar addresses exactly this point. In it you’ll learn how to make the most out of upcoming renewals – understanding the options for end users at the point of renewal and how to best identify upgrade opportunities with Citrix.

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Why Tech Data for Citrix?

At Tech Data, everything we do is designed to offer you the greatest possible customer experience, while simultaneously driving growth in your business, increasing your profits, lowering your costs, and ensuring your customers are as satisfied as you are. Find out how we do it in our short animation.

Why Tech Data for Citrix

Explore the latest Citrix resources on Trusted Advisor

We’ve curated a number of resources for Citrix to help upskill your teams and improve your offering, wherever you are on your Citrix journey. Resources include videos, case studies, infographics and blogs, as well as Citrix content on our Newsflash and InTouch platforms. They’re continually updated, so take a look at what’s on offer today.