AWS Path is designed to help you rapidly grow your cloud business through a mutually agreed, strategic business plan. Part of Tech Data’s Cloud Practice Builder, AWS Path facilitates technical training and certification, your own personal consultant, and more.

Discover how AWS Path can enable your cloud practice, turning it into a profitable Amazon Web Services business.


AWS Path through Practice Builder

Tech Data Cloud Practice Builder is our proven methodology that helps you rapidly and affordably build and accelerate your cloud practice.

The AWS Path enablement framework goes one step beyond, focussing specifically on partners who wish to specialise in AWS products and solutions.

At every step, you’ll supported by our Certified AWS Cloud Consultants, and provided with expert tools, marketing resources, and training, as well as a jointly-agreed business strategy that will create your best route to progression with AWS.

The programme also integrates with the AWS Partner Network, meaning you’ll quickly elevate your profile within AWS, creating much greater opportunity for new leads and customer engagements.

For more on how AWS Path and Tech Data Practice Builder works, including how to get started, visit our Cloud Practice Builder site.

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Customer Testimonials

Julian Learmonth, Cloud Technical Director, Recarta
Andrew Denton, Head of Presales, Jigsaw24
Simon Blewitt, COO, Makutu
Steve D’Arcy, CEO, Makutu
Dave Lyons, Technical Director, DSI

Julian Learmonth, Cloud Technical Director, Recarta

‘The support we have received from Colin and Tech Data has been instrumental in setting up our AWS practice.’

Andrew Denton, Head of Presales, Jigsaw24

‘Tech Data have really helped accelerate our progress towards AWS Select partner status. Through assistance with access to training materials, and knowledge of the partner programme, it has given our internal teams the knowledge and information we need to push forwards with our goals.’

Simon Blewitt, COO, Makutu

‘The Tech Data AWS acceleration programme provided us a structured path to becoming an AWS partner with assistance each step of the way. Our Tech Data cloud consultant gave us guidance on how to engage with both customers and AWS to build a cloud data science practice. He regularly kept in touch with and gave feedback on our product and services making it a key part of our success.’

Steve D’Arcy, CEO, Makutu

‘The Tech Data AWS partner acceleration programme has been perfect for Makutu - a born in the cloud data science practice. It helped us to quickly enable our existing in-house technical experts to gain tangible AWS accreditations to support our partner journey. The support from Colin Etwaroo, our key AWS contact at Tech Data, was also invaluable in a wider sense with respect to both market know-how and introductions to relevant contacts.’

Dave Lyons, Technical Director, DSI

‘As a company, DSI in the past have had minimal involvement with AWS. Working with Tech Data and having their support, guidance, and training, has enabled DSI to get skilled up to become official partners, as well as helping accelerate our training, with one of our employees completing their Cloud Practitioner course in 3 weeks and now 80% of the way through their Solutions Architect Training. Tech Data are always on hand for assistance around calls to discuss potential opportunities we need to scope out’

Strength through certification

The strength of your AWS Cloud practice lies in the expertise of your team of certified AWS sales consultants. This is because unlike with traditional IT products, you are architecting services to fit your customers’ needs or desired business outcomes.

To help create your team of AWS experts, we’ve partnered with A Cloud Guru, the cloud skills learning platform, who will help you achieve as many certifications as possible.

  • Self-paced training
  • Coursework walkthroughs
  • Exam prep
  • Cloud playground environment for hands-on labs

A Cloud Guru is the partner of choice to over 40,000 AWS staff and access to the platform is included when you subscribe to AWS Path in the first 12 months.

Create the expert team you need, to produce the expert cloud practice you want.

Level up with Channel Academy for AWS

Channel Academy is Tech Data’s free and easy to use online training portal, providing the interactive e-learning modules and sales enablement tools required for AWS partner certifications.

  • Specialised skill enhancement courses
  • AWS technology and solutions guides
  • Official AWS certifications

Through Channel Academy, we prioritise your development and enablement as an AWS Cloud practice. Modules and training are available as self-paced courses, matched to your preferred learning style.

Courses include:

  • Security Operations on AWS
  • Developer
  • Solutions Architect
  • SysOps Administrator
  • Web Services

Channel Academy is the best way to get official AWS Training and Certification, and what’s more, it’s free to partners on AWS Path.

For more, visit our Channel Academy site.