Grow your business and profit margin
by offering your customers a
Tech-as-a-Service subscription for all
their hardware, software and services.

What is Tech-as-a-Service?

Tech Data Tech-as-a-Service allows you to combine your hardware, software, and services into a single solution for your customers. Give them access to the latest technology, optimise their IT budgets, and simplify their bill. 

Our programme helps you to move your customers away from large capital investments. Instead, they can enjoy technology, training, services and maintenance through a low-cost, monthly or quarterly Tech-as-a-Service subscription plan.

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What are the business benefits?

By transforming the way your technology is procured, you can improve your margins, shorten technology refresh cycles, and sell more services than ever before. Create long-term, sustainable relationships with customers for life.

Using our Tech-as-a-Service programme will strengthen your position as a Trusted Advisor.

Tech-as-a-Service will differentiate your business in an overcrowded market. It will empower you to meet your customer’s IT and budget requirements, so you can always deliver an exceptional service.


Joining and using the Tech-as-a-Service subscription programme couldn’t be easier. 

Why we joined the Tech-as-a-Service programme?

‘At Holistic IT offering flexible payment options to our business clients is extremely important! Especially when it is for bigger ticket items such as IT projects and infrastructure. This is why we have partnered with TechData’s ‘Tech as a Service’ team (TaaS) to offer subscription to our Dell clients. The team are knowledgeable, extremely quick to turn around proposals and most important to our business and clients, understand the Dell portfolio of products and services.  We couldn’t be happier and have made TaaS our main subscription partner’.

David Haxton, Operations Director, Holistic iT


All about education 

Save up to 30% on total cost of ownership of hardware and software solutions, and take comfort in being fully compliant with UK State Education Legislation.

Implementations are faster and ultimately more effective, and with a single contract, customers will have all of their technology under one agreement – like mobile phones, printers and IT infrastructure.

Over 43 schools and 17 Education Trusts have taken advantage of the cost savings through a Tech-as-a-Service subscription to date! A school struggling to find the budget to refresh the IT in one classroom is now be able to refresh their whole environment, and still be compliant.

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