Secure Web Gateways (SWG)

Why Tech Data for SWG?


SWGs utilise URL filtering, advanced threat defence and legacy malware protection to defend users from internet-borne threats, and to help enterprises enforce internet policy compliance. SWGs are implemented as on-premises appliances (hardware and virtual) or cloud-based services, or in hybrid mode (combined on-premises appliances and cloud-based services).

Vendors continue to differ greatly in the maturity and features of their cloud-based services, and in their ability to protect enterprises from advanced threats.

Market Opportunity

SWG market caters to users from both SMBs and large enterprises. The market consists of various large and niche players. The Secure Web Gateway (SWG) Market is estimated to reach worth $5.4 billion by 2021. Find out more about threat intelligence solutions from our partners below:

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