AV Security

The technology landscape is shifting at an incredible rate and the world of Audio Visual is no different. As networked AV becomes the norm and the uptake of AV devices increases, businesses and end-users must seriously think about the security of their endpoint devices.

What are the risks?

As technology changes and develops so do the threats. Adding AV devices to a network means creating vulnerabilities if the devices and network are not properly secured. Unsecured AV devices are weak points that can allow attackers entry into a corporate network that can be exploited.

What are the risks?

The most common threats posed by AV endpoint vulnerabilities are as follows:

  • Device Hacking – Not changing default login information for AV devices allows hackers the chance to use readily-available login information online to hack devices.
  • Ransomware – Ransomware attacks can encrypt data, preventing access to systems and resources until a ransom is paid.
  • Malware – Malware attacks are growing on average by 70% year on year, and are still the primary cause of around 35% of network security breaches. AV devices are no less susceptible.
  • DDOS Attacks – Enabled by vulnerable or open ports and devices, hackers add unaware devices to malicious ‘botnets’, which are then used to launch DDOS attacks.
  • IP Theft – Hackers wishing to steal IP or sensitive data from companies often need look no further than unsecured webcams and other collaboration tools.

AV technology is more powerful and capable than ever, but with that power comes the responsibility of businesses to secure their devices, and therefore networks, correctly. Failure to do so can be extremely costly, both in financial and reputational terms.

How to protect your customers’ networks from AV endpoint vulnerabilities

Being proactive, and recognising it is more likely than not that they will be targeted by hackers at some point, businesses will best be able to protect themselves.

AV endpoint security

Three key considerations for good AV endpoint security:

  • Good Security Posture – Treat AV devices the same way as any other device on the corporate network, e.g. laptop, printer, desktop PC. This means it is managed by the IT department, is onboarded the same and patched with the latest updates continually. Default logins should be changed immediately. AV devices may not say PC on the box, but they require the same degree of security.
  • Network Segmentation – Dividing networks into smaller groups of applications can provide increased security through greater control over network traffic. Attacks can be limited by not being able to access all parts of a network at once, and human error from employees within the network can also be reduced.
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems – Continual monitoring and analysis of inbound and outbound traffic means abnormalities can be spotted in an instant, with immediate action taken based on pre-established rules. Intrusion Prevention Systems provide the automated, and automatic defence networks need if they are to respond in real time to attacks.
Why Tech Data for AV security?

Why Tech Data for AV security?

  • The Maverick Difference - Part of the Tech Data group, Maverick AV Solutions is a global AV distribution specialist with over 20 years’ experience in providing cutting-edge technology. Their unrivalled portfolio, aligned with logistical and financial options, provide powerful AV solutions to businesses of any size, and across any industry. What’s more, Maverick offer AV security diagnostics and services to ensure the tightest security for any AV platform.
  • Free Security Gaps Assessment - Knowing where to start on AV security can be difficult. It’s why we at Tech Data offer a free assessment to help partners and customers know their current position around AV security, and what the most effective next steps to take are. Once completed, one of our security consultants will be in touch to discuss the results, as well as lay out appropriate AV security options.

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