Device Enrolment

Automated device enrolment sets up and pre-configures new devices, preparing them for productive use. It can also reset, repurpose and recover devices.

It leverages cloud-based services to set up or reimage devices with the correct apps, policies and software versions, with as little as a network connection and verified credentials.


Simplify, Automate and Save


Crucially, there’s little to no infrastructure to manage, freeing up IT departments to focus on improvements, not maintenance.

Make device imaging a thing of the past

Reap the benefits with Tech Data

Reimaging Devices

The working day is too short to be installing or reimaging devices

Set-up Time

30+ minutes – Time to set up or re-image devices

Save Time

It doesn’t take many devices to need setting up or reimaging for an IT professional’s entire day to be taken up

time and money

That’s time and money that can be better spent elsewhere

Centralised customisation

By enabling automated, remote deployment of applications, settings and policies, IT administrators gain centralised control over every device, at scale.

  1. New device unboxed
  2. Device registered with company’s enrolment account
  3. Company policies and settings, along with required apps are deployed for first use

If the device is to be re-assigned to a new user, the process is just as simple:

  1. Personal apps, files, and settings are removed from existing device
  2. New user connects to network, enters credentials
  3. Company policies and settings, along with required apps are deployed

The devices remain registered to a business, and are simply re-enrolled if a factory reset is required, further saving time.



Traditionally, devices haven’t been under corporate control until a user takes action to set it up.

With automated enrolment, devices are pre-registered and pre-enrolled to your business. They are automatically added to your inventory after purchase from Tech Data.

Users simply log in, meaning corporate security is maintained at all times.

Because every device is configured centrally, it ensures each and every one can be setup identically, leaving your business with no weak points.

Automated device enrolment

Automated device enrolment is available across the full range of your digital estate devices, and includes:

Microsoft Autopilot

Microsoft Autopilot for Windows 10

Android zero-touch

Android zero-touch enrolment

Automated device enrolment

Automated device enrolment is designed to save time and reduce costs for businesses, while enabling centralised, uniform security and policy management.

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