Why Tech Data for Education?

What is the connected classroom?

Technology is transforming the way education will be taught. Thanks to ubiquitous connectivity, a choice of collaboration platforms, touch screens and a plethora of mobile devices, teachers and students can engage, and collaborate, irrespective of physical distance. EdTech and the connected classroom are rapidly facilitating a new way of on-demand learning and online classes with access to digital study materials and subject matter experts that were previously unavailable. The likely requirement for home schooling and online learning to continue has increased the demand for:

Video conferencing platforms

Video conferencing platforms

Microsoft Teams, Zoom Rooms and Google Classrooms

Collaboration solutions

Collaboration solutions

Interactive flat panels, laptops, interactive projectors, video conferencing

Educational apps

Educational apps

eLearning mobile apps, online learning from home, learning games

Mobile devices

Mobile devices

Tablets, smartphone, laptops

More than ever, the education market provides an enormous opportunity for IT resellers to refresh mobile equipment, upgrade existing infrastructure and server equipment, manage migration to the Cloud or deploy new technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

It seems likely that the connected classroom will remain an integral part of how education will be delivered in the future.

What’s driving transformation in schools?

There is a continuing demand for improved technology throughout the education sector. Leading tech companies have been working with schools and colleges to: cut teacher workload, support professional development and improve student outcomes.

Lower cost video conferencing platforms and better connectivity has provided more opportunity for Microsoft Teams, Zoom Rooms and Google Classroom to be fully deployed. Unquestionably, with the right equipment and with new technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, learning can be more interactive and interesting for students. Technology can also personalise the pace of learning as well as prepare students better for the modern workplace

Train the Teacher

Maverick AV Solutions research has discovered that around 75% of teachers use Microsoft Teams, but not to its full potential when it comes to platform-led learning. Collabtech (Global Collaboration Experts that provide best in class, physical and virtual, consistent enablement services), have created a bespoke training program for Maverick AV Solutions and Tech Data partners and their customers, all focussed around Teams in Education.

The training is delivered on a modular basis and explores the below:

  • Introduction to Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Teams Online, Desktop and Mobile
  • Teams, Channels and Tabs
  • Teams Conversations and Persistent Chat
  • Teams Meetings
  • Teams Files

To find out more about participating in, and/or offering training on Teams in Education, get in contact with your Account Manager.

Why Maverick AV Solutions?

Maverick AV Solutions is your perfect partner when it comes to helping our resellers take advantage of opportunities in the education sector and specifically the requirement for a connected classroom. There is a clear need for technology that can enhance learning and drive efficiency, and we have the experts on hand to support resellers as well as a portfolio of products and services that can provide solutions for all types of educational establishments. These include interactive display solutions, video conferencing solutions, notebooks and tablets recommended for use in the classroom.

To help schools and universities to manage their budgets and enable their spending to go further, we also offer our resellers and their customers:

  • Financial services
  • Tech-as-a-Service (TaaS) - a monthly subscription model for equipment and services
  • Tech Data Renew – a trade-in service for existing devices

Solutions that enable the connected classroom

Maverick AV Solutions and Tech Data have an impressive range of vendors providing solutions for the connected classroom.


Intuitive and easy to use, interactive display solutions from Avocor that enhance collaboration and interaction in the classroom by replicating a tablet-like experience on a large format device.


The latest range of cost-effective and feature rich laptops, specifically designed for the rigours of the classroom from Lenovo, the world’s #1 education PC provider.


Hybrid learning with the agnostic platform Logitech Rally solution. Logitech Rally works perfectly in any size classroom settings, allowing the remote user to engage with the lesson as if they were there in person.


Purpose-built interactive displays from industry leaders, Promethean, that specifically address the needs of educators and students alike in enhancing teaching and learning environments.