Your customers more than likely have a host of sensitive data. Lenovo’s enhanced security solutions preserve this sensitive data and reduce the vulnerability of data at rest.

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Data Security - What are the risks?

Breaches in data security result from hard disk drive (HDD) theft, misplacement, or improper disposal which can result in expensive data loss, server outage, costly legal liability, client dissatisfaction and negative press.

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How can Lenovo help?

Largely, key management for encryption strategies is fragmented, which can expose your customer’s data to loss or theft. Security Key Lifecycle Manager (SKLM) for System x Self-Encrypting Drives is a feature available in System x® environments that centralises, simplifies and automates the data encryption key management process to help minimise risk and reduce operational costs. It offers a simple and robust solution for key storage, key serving and key lifecycle management.

Where is System x® useful?

System x® is often deployed in industries who have innovative client-focused offerings, such as:

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This offers a fantastic opportunity to start selling in new vertical markets to net new customers, or expand your sales portfolio for pre-existing customers.

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Endpoint Security

Unsecured connections invite thieves, opening the door to devastating attacks. A sign for ‘Free WiFi’ in a local coffee shop is very appealing, but the potential security risk could be enough to deter your customers from this convenience. Lenovo’s ThinkShield is here to help. ThinkShield by Lenovo is the first comprehensive security suite for business to include online security solutions. Your customer’s organisation cannot ignoring the mounting threats associated with network hacking.

75% of organisations experienced phishing attacks in 20171.

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Lenovo ThinkShield features include:

  • WiFi security with Coronet® to ensure a safe connection
  • BUFFERZONE online sand-boxing to compartmentalise access and prevent hacking2
  • Lenovo Endpoint Management powered by MobileIron® to keep on-the-go employees secure.

This is no time to compromise. With ThinkShield by Lenovo, your customers won’t have to.

How can Tech Data help?

Here at Tech Data we understand that security is a priority for every business. Our security experts and security-related enablement services are all available to help enhance your security practice.

Find out more by visiting our dedicated Security Solution Hub

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2BUFFERZONE online sandboxing is available in North America.