Understanding Retail 4.0 with Tech Data

Staying relevant in a shifting retail landscape

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and Data are reshaping every facet of human existence, and Retail is no exception. The possibilities created by technological advances are innumerable, but can be overwhelming for those looking to harness them.

Crucially, retailers run the very real possibility of competitive disadvantage if they are too slow on the uptake in digitally transforming their operations.

The Tech Data Retail Ecosystem programme offers a range of events, showcases and education for our partners to help them discover more about the sector and consult with their customers.

This includes the Tech Data Retail Academy which is running a series of 11 Masterclasses designed to equip you with the very latest insights on Retail Digital Transformation. Through it, you’ll be empowered to harness AI, IoT and Data analytics to optimise your retail offering, and be best positioned to take advantage of emerging technologies within the retail sector.

Retail insight delivered by experts

The academy is run and hosted by our team of solutions architects and industry specialists. They’ll take you through practical use cases, industry trends, success stories and more, across a wide range of Retailtech domains and key verticals, including Fashion, Food, Malls, and Airports.

Unlocking the value of a digitally transformed retail space has never been more critical to business, and now thanks to Tech Data’s Retail Academy, it’s never been more achievable.

Our full line-up for the Retail series is as follows:

  Event   Date      
  Unlocking Value in Food & Grocery Retail   2/4/2020   Register  
  Computer Vision in Retail   7/4/2020   Register  
  Unlocking Value in Supply Chain   9/4/2020   Register  
  Efficiency in the Store: automate inventory, prevent loss, reduce costs   14/4/2020   Register  
  Leveraging AI and Big Data in Retail   16/04/2020   Register  
  Smart Payment in Connected Stores   21/04/2020   Register  
  Creating a Connected Store: connectivity and cellular technology in Retail 4.0   24/4/2020   Register  
  Adopting IoT & Data Solutions in the Store: understanding ROI and Business Value   28/4/2020   Register  
  Unlocking Value in Shopping Malls and Airports   5/05/2020   Register  


Ensure you don’t miss out on transforming your Retail operations with Tech Data’s Retail Academy.