A new way of approaching healthcare technology

A body greater than the sum of its parts

The human body is an ecosystem. As with all ecosystems, it needs many different parts to work together to produce a healthy, functioning body that can achieve great things.

The same philosophy applies to Tech Data’s Healthcare Ecosystem in partnership with IBM. The ecosystem exists to bring together varied and disparate providers in the channel, in order that they can work together in new and inspiring ways.

For those already providing healthcare technology solutions, this is a great opportunity to connect with others in the sector and explore potential new collaborations. 

For those not currently operating and providing solutions in the healthcare sector, the ecosystem is a perfect introduction into the space. It will provide a ready-made, yet continually expanding and evolving community of partners able to provide support and feedback. 

Unique, dynamic, vibrant

By creating such a unique platform for partners of any size and level of current healthcare sector involvement, Tech Data hope to help partners create an ever more vibrant, dynamic, and positive healthcare channel. A channel where the leading lights are able to work together to create products and solutions greater than the sum of their parts.

To facilitate effective collaboration, Tech Data will be putting on a number of events and networking opportunities for partners in the ecosystem, including:

  • Healthcare Solutions Showcase – A quarterly event showcasing healthcare solution providers to an audience of eco-system members. Keep up to date.
  • Healthcare Meetups – Mixed agenda events with industry leading speakers and solution providers. Stay in the loop.
  • Market Readiness Workshops – Workshops for individual partners with industry and tech experts giving advice on all aspects of your solutions’ presentation to the market. Own your opportunity.
  • Tech Data Healthcare and Life Sciences Solutions Network group on LinkedIn - Active partner community for sharing ideas, market information and connections along with broadcasting news events, and collaboration. Join the conversation.

Tech Data are creating a directory of solution providers, come join us.

Creating something is great. Working together creates the opportunity for greatness.

To find out how to get involved, contact our Healthcare and Life Sciences Eco-System team:

Erica Mitchell | Jonathan Head | Neil Cornish